Edinburgh Festival Accommodation 2019 (For Performers Too)

Whether you are a seasoned Edinburgh Fringe veteran or going for the first time, it is no secret that getting Edinburgh festival accommodation (cheap) is almost impossible. The festival is world famous for its variety performance shows, traditional Scottish live music venues, majestic Georgian architecture and the Royal residences (of course). The city springs to life for 3 months of the year and there is a buzz that is unique to the festival. Hundreds of thousands of people flood to the Edinburgh Fringe for a reason.

Perfect for Group Bookings!

We know that as the Edinburgh Festival starts to get busy, groups find it hard to stay together or find accommodation which is up to scratch! Don't worry- we have you covered as we specifically cater for large groups and parties. 

If you need a group booking, get in touch today by phone or email and we will do everything we can to match your expectations and make your Edinburgh fringe experience memorable!

Where to Stay for Edinburgh Fringe 2019?

In this busy time of the year, the locals have a secret that we would like to share with you. Many of our guests ask the question: 'Where to stay for Edinburgh Fringe?' We always tell them the same thing because they have already found the place. It is always a cheaper and better alternative to stay in Fife rather than in Edinburgh during the Fringe. Many of the seasoned festival goers have cottoned on to this trick to solve the where to stay for Edinburgh fringe: stay across the bridges in Fife.

Why Stay in Fife?

Fife is the kingdom that lays to the North of Edinburgh. It is famous for being home of the old Scottish Monarchy (Dunfermline Abbey), Golf Courses (St. Andrews) and home of some fantastic Scottish Gin (Edin Mills)- All are very easily accessible from Dockyard Digs. The question is, 'Why Should you stay in Fife?' Here is why:

  • Cheaper Alternative
  • Quality Serviced Accommodation 
  • Transport links to the whole of Scotland
  • Short and Beautiful links to Edinburgh
  • Out of the mayhem!

Edinburgh Festival (Edinburgh Fringe)2019 accommodation is infamous for being overly expensive, dirty, poor quality, crowded and always disappointing. Local residents are asked to leave their homes for the Edinburgh festival, so as a visitor, you might end up living in somebody's grimy underground student flat. At Dockyard Digs, our serviced, Self Catering Edinburgh Fringe accommodation is a great cheaper alternative that is up to hotel standard. All of our apartments are serviced by our lovely concierge staff (24HRs), cleaned and well maintained with on-site parking. The train links to Edinburgh are a short walk or bus ride away and will take you over the world-famous Forth Rail Bridge. 

Best of all- you will be out of the mayhem. If the seas of people are not for you, an Edinburgh Festival accommodation (cheap) in Fife is what you're looking for. 

Edinburgh Festival Accommodation - Edinburgh fringe accommodation- accommodation Edinburgh - Edinburgh accommodation- where to stay for edinburgh fringe
Edinburgh Festival Accommodation - Edinburgh fringe accommodation- accommodation Edinburgh - Edinburgh accommodation- where to stay for edinburgh fringe

 Transport Guide.

There are multiple ways to get to Edinburgh from our Edinburgh Fringe accommodation, it just depends which is the best for you! If you need further information, please don't forget to ask our lovely staff.

Bus: Firstly, the bus is the cheapest option for a ride to Edinburgh. It usually takes about 35/40 mins to get into the city centre and the busses are every 5-10mins. From our situation, it is a 5/10 minute walk or take a very short bus ride (no.86) to the 'Park and Ride' at Inverkeithing. From here you can take the X5, X9, X54, X55, X56, X59 or X60 which will take you directly to the city centre over the old road bridge. A return journey shouldn't cost any more than 10GBP - an unlimited bus card is also available. Find bus times on the Stagecoach website

Train: The Rosyth train station is a short bus or Taxi ride away from outside our Edinburgh Fringe accommodation. You can get the northbound no.19 to the train station and then the train to either Haymarket or Waverly station. Waverly is the most central station while Haymarket is closer to Muarryfeild, Shandwick Place and Lothian Road. The whole return journey should cost less than 15GBP. For more information and train times click the link to ScotRail

Taxi: A taxi is the quickest pubic travel option and takes less than 20mins. Usually, a taxi back is roughly 30-45GBP depending on the time of the night. A taxi can pick you up directly from us. Most of the taxi drivers here are very friendly and you may be able to get a deal if you travel to Edinburgh multiple times with the same driver.

Car: As we have on-site parking available you may wish to bring your own transport. The links to Edinburgh are very visible and will take you over the new road bridge. Car Parking in the city may be very difficult and many roads will be closed due to the festival- A good parking option in the city may be the Omi Centre. You're also only a stone's throw away from East Lothian, which is a great place to take the kids if you're bored of the festival. Otherwise, exploring the beatiful landscapes of fife by car is worth your time!

Edinburgh Festival Accommodation - Edinburgh fringe accommodation - where to stay for edinburgh fringe

Premium Edinburgh Fringe Accommodation - Click to view.

Edinburgh Festival Accommodation - Edinburgh fringe accommodation - where to stay for edinburgh fringe

Edinburgh Festival Accommodation - Click to View

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